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It was the summer of 1967 in San Francisco, otherwise known as the Summer of Love. The Sixties movement was at its peak, and many things were unfolding. In 1964, the Free Speech Movement had begun, and the iconic Woodstock festival in 1969 wrapped up a turbulent decade. Alternative lifestyles, free love, experimental countercultures and the Sixties mindset were very much manifesting during this time.

Andrew Bailey was born in England in the middle of World War Two. In 1947, when he was three, his family relocated to South Africa. As a kid growing up in apartheid-era South Africa, Andrew sensed that something new was unfolding in other parts of the world, and he felt the urge to travel and explore. He came across the term “cosmic consciousness.”

“My earliest interest in consciousness came at age fourteen in high school. I met a young genius named Barry Higgs, who had been writing sophisticated adult poetry since the age of eight. He was a mathematical genius and an extraordinary creative writer. He was an academic disaster, however, because he completely ignored anything that failed to interest him. Barry would come to school with these mysterious Buddhist texts, so we became interested in Zen Buddhism early on. The next week, he’d show up with a book by Jack Kerouac, On The Road or The Dharma Bums. This was in the late 1950s, and the Beatniks were on the same search – they were looking for a different way of being, a higher consciousness. We got this idea that somewhere in Zen Buddhism was a key to the consciousness that we were seeking. I think it’s no exaggeration to say that Barry Higgs was South Africa’s first Beatnik, at the age of fifteen. He was definitely the biggest influence in my early life.”

By 1967 at the age of twenty-two, Andrew was a young organic chemistry professor at The University of Natal in Durban, South Africa and studying science, anthropology and comparative religion. It was in the cosmology of the Australian Aborigines that he found some extraordinary wisdom. “Believe it or not, the Australian Aborigines explained what quantum science was, and I got it. I got it from the intuitive, from the inside. They were speaking pure, poetic quantum science when they spoke about the Dreamtime.”

Durban was a beautiful subtropical colonial city on the shores of the Indian Ocean. “Lovely, warm, clear ocean, beautiful surf, lots of sharks, the wildlife is world-famous. Among the monkeys and the bananas and all the things that made up a subtropical upbringing for this young man,” reminisces Andrew. He was teaching college while the world was exploding in very interesting ways around him. Things were changing. It was the peak of the apartheid era in South Africa. The Afrikaners, descendants of the original Dutch settlers, had taken over politically and established a very strict right-wing religious government. “My family was very liberal, and if you opposed apartheid, you were branded a communist. It was a fascist and totalitarian government,” Andrew explains. “They could come and take you away anytime they liked. In fact, that is what happened to my friend Barry Higgs. One day he just disappeared.”

All over Europe and North America, students were being arrested. Psychedelics were everywhere. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were happening, and consciousness was expanding. Andrew decided to make a change and head for California. He sailed across the Atlantic on a 90-foot sailboat and landed in the United States on Thanksgiving Day of 1969.

“I guess you could call me a latter-day Pilgrim,” he says. Upon arrival, Andrew headed for San Francisco, anticipating something akin to the Summer of Love. However, he was two years too late. “By the time I arrived in San Francisco, in January of 1970, it was cold and gloomy. No sign of the Summer of Love.” It turned out that there had been a “back to the land” movement. Young people moved out of the cities en masse and into the country where they started doing organic gardening, living in communes and naked and free on the beaches of Maui. Falling in love with that lifestyle, Andrew joined the exuberant counterculture that he found in Santa Cruz, California. “I came over here seeking cosmic consciousness. Santa Cruz was where I found my roots, even though I didn’t know anyone on this side of the Atlantic except one man I’d briefly met in London, the mathematician Ralph Abraham.” Andrew settled into Santa Cruz where he developed a friendship with Ralph, who, little did he know, was at the heart of the Northern California consciousness movement. Today, Ralph is known, among other things, as the father of Chaos Theory. During this time, Ralph Metzner, the psychedelic researcher and former Harvard professor, initiated Andrew into the ancient yoga practice of Agni Yoga, his first “real” spiritual practice. “I remember opening into this whole cosmic unfoldment, the consciousness movement manifesting in so many different ways. I realized that there was something going on, that there was something exceedingly important that had to do with the evolution of humanity, of our species, and I said, something new is emerging here. I have to get involved with it. I have to find out what my role is.”

Born in the ninth generation of Baxters in Maine, Connie Baxter Marlow comes from a family of philanthropists and public servants such as Portland mayor and historian James Phinney Baxter and his son, Governor Percival Baxter, who gave their money away to the people of Maine in the form of parks, boulevards and libraries. Connie’s journey into consciousness started in her teens when she witnessed Florence Nightingale. “I sort of had an epiphany when I saw the love in the human heart and our extraordinary ability to love. I saw that we were capable of such love, and I asked the question: Why aren’t we treating each other and the Earth from that place of love? I realized that our paradigm, our worldview, was missing key pieces. I’m not going to base my life on a paradigm that can’t explain everything, that has huge holes in it. So I asked the question ‘what is missing in our understanding of the nature of the universe? What has us out of balance so we’re not aligned with the love that we’re carrying in our beings?’ The answers you get depend on the questions you ask. So I asked: what was missing in the paradigm? I have spent my life looking for those missing pieces, and having them revealed to me.”

Years later, Connie was in a bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she picked up a book of Native American poetry. “I just got it, these people have got it. These are the missing pieces,” she recalls. “Following that, visionary elders began coming into my life. I began discerning through their way of life, their understanding and their experiences that there was a whole other reality. Their way of life held clues to the true nature of the universe, the true heart of humanity. They are the elders who see the universality of all of humanity and all of life. This was another epiphany for me.”

In the mid-eighties Connie became very sick. Her sickness, which she calls the “malaise,” took her to various healers and ultimately a shamanic healer in Santa Fe. “This healer told me that I was an old soul who awakens to the mystical very easily. I had made contact with the divine energies and they were communicating with me through my experiences.”

Connie and Andrew met on the Omega Point at the Omega Institute in upstate New York during a gathering of wisdom keepers in 2003. Connie was fifty-five and Andrew was fifty-nine; they had both been through marriages and had raised three and five children respectively. As Andrew points out, they met in their “liberated years.” Connie believes it was preplanned for them to meet that weekend and recalls that she was immediately intrigued by Andrew’s involvement in the consciousness of humanity. “Not only was he conscious in that way, but he was gorgeous,” she says. “Circumstance loves us more than we do, it actually guides us on our journey to wholeness.”

Immediately after meeting in 2003, Connie and Andrew got to work on the film In Search of The FutureWhat do the Wise Ones Know? (Click HERE to watch it online.) Creating the film involved visiting fourteen different indigenous cultures on several continents. Being from South Africa, Andrew had known the Bushmen of the Kalahari for many years and Connie had spent decades working with indigenous Native Americans, the visionary Elders, as she calls them. Connie and Andrew already knew most of the people who appeared in the film. “During this time I kept saying, ‘Connie you have got to write a book.’ Long story short, we ended up co-authoring the book The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm. It is based on Connie’s articulation of the nature of reality, in the context of the sum total of everything I had learned through quantum science and anthropology. The publication of the book triggered a significant evolution in our lives. Something happens when you put your thoughts down and publish them in a book,” Andrew explains. “You wrote it. You’d better walk it.”

“Basically our work is to bring an understanding of how the universe works,” Connie says. “I had pieced this Trust Frequency construct together. I realized that the Indigenous cosmology is a trust-based paradigm, as is the Providence-based paradigm of the early settlers of New England. I deduced that the universe loves us and it gives us everything we need to become the gift we promised to bring to the party, on our soul’s journey to wholeness. It is one thing to have an understanding of the nature of the universe. It is another thing to live it and to act accordingly. That is where we’re at as a species at this point. We’re realizing a lot of things, but we’re not actually living it. It’s about now. Where are we going to go now in the evolution of our consciousness and how are we going to get to realizing the full human potential?” Bailey and Marlow think it’s through raising our vibration to a higher level of consciousness – into the trust frequency where the laws are expanded and a whole new ball game will unfold.

Since publishing The Trust Frequency in 2012, Andrew has written a novel called The Mayflower Revelations, and is working on two other films, one about consciousness expansion that began in the 60s, Sixty Sixty: The Sixties Turn Sixty and one about the eco-cities of the future. Connie and Andrew have just released a short film called Seeds of Freedom: A Vision for America(Click HERE to watch the highlights of the film.) “Seeds of Freedom is the culmination of twenty years of research, work and insights into the origin story of this country. It focuses on the Mayflower Pilgrims, who they were, and what they brought to humanity. These English Separatists saw that humanity was intended to operate according to our higher conscience and relate to the divine directly, not through an intermediary demanded by the Church and King. That is exactly the essence of Indigenous cosmology. So what I saw was a commonality between the cosmology of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. They stand for what humanity is capable of once we align with the divine within us. The Seeds of Freedom film shows the key role the indigenous people played in the origins of this country,” Connie explains. “What I see is that a key piece to the evolution of consciousness is that humanity will come to understand what the indigenous people are carrying in their cosmology and way of life. Standing Rock has catalyzed them into that place where they’re bringing their universal vision forth: that peaceful prayer is more powerful than violence, water is life, all life is sacred, the importance of the role of Air, Earth, Fire and Water, that we are related to all of Creation, we are all brothers and sisters.” Connie describes the human journey as an evolutionary upward spiral. “We have all been on our own individual paths and now we get to come together and piece all of these parts of the puzzle together. When this puzzle gets put together, we’re going to see something that has never been seen on the planet before, and peace will come to prevail on Earth.”

Photography by Josie Beeken

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