New Moon in Pisces

From our New Hippie Mystic Laura Kuo @herbookofhours  ▫️New Moon in Pisces▫️ For weeks now, I’ve had a cherished ritual. Every few evenings before dusk, I go into the garden and pick fresh sprigs of flourishing pink jasmine, scattering them in small offerings throughout the house. The fragrance instantly explodes my universe and takes me to Eden. So great is the karmic heritage of this numinous scent, it is woven into my being. ▫️ At the end of each blooming season, I am moved to wistfulness over the final blossoms falling away in maturation. Last night, as I walked among my beloved rhizomic vines and observed them slowly receding, dotted with fewer and fewer births, waves of sadness overcame me. In that moment, I was every lover who has ever lost, as if reaching out to my heart as it suddenly eludes me and fades. ▫️ In the silence, ripe with sea mist, a beautiful storm is rolling in, and with it, the nucleus of all life. ▫️ Nothing is ever lost. All beauty blooms in cycles. To relish the present with the fullness of our total being; to get so drunk on it all . . . for each moment contains the mystical wonder of what is. Each view glows with our likeness in it; each cycle pulses with the fertility of life. ▫️ And each breath holds the beauty of jasmine. ▫️ As the rain drenches the plains And one cycle ends, for anew. ▫️ —_her book of hours

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