Julie Piatt: Yogi And Plant-Based Chef

Julie Piatt, otherwise known as SriMati is an author, podcast host, plant-based chef, motivational speaker, meditation guide, yoga teacher and singer. Through each of these mastered traits, Julie offers an opportunity for an expansion of perspective and deeper understanding. “I was born in Colorado and we moved to Alaska when I was nine. Spending so much time in nature fostered a free creativity, which has been a core energy in my life. Discovering yoga in my thirties led me into a deeper experience with spirituality, and connected me to the life force that is breathing everything in creation.”

Along with yoga, being a plant-based chef is at the forefront of Julie’s work. “When I began practicing yoga, my awareness around consuming meat shifted. I realized that when we consume meat, we take the suffering of the animal inside of our bodies. Along with increasing our risk for heart disease, we also have to process the energy of violence. Very naturally, the desire or need to eat meat simply disappeared for me. We all have to evolve, the earth is crying out for a shift of our attention. Our animals are also serving as noble teachers for us to embody compassion in our food choices.”

After giving birth to her fourth child, Julie developed a cyst in her throat and decided to turn to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science of medicine where the body is nourished into balance using primarily a plant-based diet and herbs. “My body completely healed itself. This experience changed the way I viewed food. I saw first hand the healing powers of food as medicine.”

Some years later, Julie’s husband Rich Roll, started racing ultra iron man distances eating only plants. “I decided to support him in his crazy odyssey by serving him the most nutritious and delicious food I could create.” This was the birth of her offerings as a plant-based chef and the beginning of her cookbooks. “Everything that I offer is for the sole purpose of igniting a remembrance of our divinity. I truly know that nature is perfect and each one of us has a special part to play in a very unique way.”

Her newest cookbook, The Plantpower Way; Italia published by Avery Random House has over 125 classic delicious recipes presented in what she calls the new evolution of Italian cuisine!. “I mastered countless varieties of plant-based cheeses in my last book, This Cheese Is Nuts!  The results were mind blowing and paradigm busting.”

In her new comprehensive cookbook and aspirational lifestyle guide, Julie offers Italian cuisine free of animal products and dairy. “You will love these recipes and I trust that some of them will find their way into the history and lineage of your family favorites. I consider that an honor.” This book proves that you can eat sustainably and compassionately while still enjoying the best in Italian cuisine.

Julie presents these recipes with a new plant-based cheese 2.0 technology in all of our favorite Italian dishes such as Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Gorgonzola Pizza. “The cheesy tangy creamy tastes and textures will delight your taste buds. But the biggest surprise will be just how easy these recipes are to make. I excel at simplifying and finding the shortest path to every desired experience in food. As a mother of four, artist, author and singer, I am too busy for complications in the kitchen. The most important ingredient on your table is the love given in the preparation. With The Plantpower Way; Italia as your guide, I have no doubt that you will be celebrated by your family.”

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