Full Moon In Leo

From our New Hippie Mystic Laura Kuo.


▫️Full moon in Leo ▫️ Super blue blood lunar eclipse▫️As we embody our truth and transmute the wisdom of our elders into the light of this time, the archetype of The Devil guides us.▫️ The Devil remains one of the most universally misunderstood archetypes in humanity’s collective consciousness. Its mystical symbology lies in Archangel Lucifer, “bearer of light,” who beams with boundless and unbridled sovereignty. The Devil pulses with the pagan intelligence and ancient cosmologies of Neolithic matriarchal lineages, held as a seed within the feminine principle. ▫️ These early civilizations underwent ruthless destruction by empires that feared the Source contained within. ▫️ The departure from the Divine Feminine also alienated humanity from itself, its nature—its seasons, cycles, and symbiotic rhythms. This increasing detachment from the pulse of life blackened the heart of The Devil in a relentless campaign of fear, aimed at colonizing the consciousness and spirit of “civilized man.” ▫️ Yet The Devil still holds all the mysteries of life in its shadow wisdom, waiting for our light to shine through the dark recesses of our soul. He asks your holy self: “Who will you be, so you can fully be? Which God will you serve, and where will this communion take you?” He reminds you that you were born to be free, to bow to no source lower than your highest. ▫️ As Sun, Earth, and Moon align, the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon. As it darkens, it purifies our Sang (blood) and reconnects us to our Strength (Leo)—the light of our truth—so we may illuminate the Anima Mundi,
our divine and sanguine world soul. ▫️
—_her book of hours

▫️ “Daughter of
the mountain
look at the full moon
you can see a man
who loves a dark woman
she is that black shape
lying on top of him
wrapped around him
he exhausted after loving
she dripping nectar onto him”
―Appaya Dīkṣita, sixteenth century

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