Best Gift Store Ever: The Energy Behind Giving

Have you ever thought about what happens energetically when you hand someone a gift that you have put love and thought into? For Tara, owner of Best Gift Store Ever, this is exactly what it’s all about. “It’s not what you give, it’s how you give. For me, the experience of taking time to choose a gift and infusing it with positive energy is equally as important as what you’re giving. I think the biggest gift we have is time. Giving your time to someone is the best gift you could possibly give.” Tara’s energy is vibrant and she exudes positivity, whether it’s with her employees or customers that come into the store with their children. Tara’s joy is contagious and her love for making people smile is very apparent.

“When you hand a gift to someone, that object becomes a conduit to connect each others energy. It basically closes the circuit between two people. I feel like people aren’t having enough human connection anymore. Technology has changed everything, but it’s so important to connect with people, to look in each others eyes when we speak.”

Tara’s introduction to the design and entertaining world came through Tesoro, her family’s home design store that specialized in unique, handcrafted items from artisans around the world. “If you’re shopping small, you’re supporting that neighborhood community. You’re putting a face to what you’re purchasing, which is special.”

For nearly ten years, Tara showcased house-ware designers, advised customers on home décor, entertaining, and gifts, and traveled abroad sourcing beautiful one-of-a-kind items.

“When you give a gift, the giver and the receiver are both happy. One gift two smiles. What if you’re giving that gift to a family? Five smiles. Friends come over or that gift is passed on to other generations, this causes many more smiles and a ripple effect of joy and happiness. This is what I love most about what I do.”

Tara recently opened her second location, Tesoro at Fred Segal in Hollywood. Learn more.

Photography By Josie Beeken


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